ZV Coin Incentive Pool For Miners

Community users can stake their ZV Coins to take part in the block reward incentive program. During the early phase of the project, ZV Coins will not be directly distributed to foundation and community members.

Distribution will be achieved through ZV Coin mining pool process, thus the ZV Coin mining pool will play a crucial role for the launch of ZV Chain ecosystem network. Through ZV’s smart contract system, the mining pool will generate incentives for both ZV Coin holders and various mining nodes through a smart contract system. ZV Coin holders can henceforth share block generation reward along with the community and foundation.

ZV Coin Mining Pool

ZV Chain supporters can be involved in the “6+5” ZV Coin release plan during their staking involvement in block production. All staking nodes participants will benefit from the block reward production of 3.5% in ZV Coins.

Following the main-net launch, ZV mining pool can introduce other product plans to incentivise coin holders and network participants. Along with the growth in community support of ZV Chain’s ecosystem, the network miner nodes will gradually shift to accommodate smaller and individual mining pools. Fulfilling the goal to achieve a dynamic balance of decentralisation, security and network speed, this transformation to build the future finance decentralised network is what ZV Foundation hopes to accomplish.